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500km. 20,800m Elev. 7 Days.

Run Starts in

Having previously raised over $13,000, William Corlett is continuing his mission to raise $200,000 for Lifeline Australia.


On the 23rd of June 2024, Will will attempt to run The King of the Mtns, the longest continuous trail run through the Blue Mountains National Park, in 7 days.


Run during the week following the Winter Solstice. The King of the Mtns Climbs 2.3x the height of Mt Everest, over 505km, through the coldest & darkest days of the notoriously cold, dark, & windy Blue Mountains.





Will needs your help to reach his goal.

Become a part of Project Impossible & help raise $200,000 for Lifeline.



Support Will & the Project Impossible Team as they take on this colossal challenge.


KOTM 2025

Do you have what it takes to be the next King of the Mtns? Race applications are open for June 2025.​ ​

500km. 20,800m Elev. 7 Days.

What is Project Impossible?


William Corlett is a young man hailing from the Blue Mountains, promoting positive mental health amongst young men. Will strives to support all Australians affected by suicide.

To raise awareness, Will made it his mission to raise $200,000 for Lifeline by running the Tassie 200, from Launceston to Hobart in 24 hours in 2023. With no previous experience or plan and just the support of his best mates. He called the effort Project Impossible.

Fuelled by the experience and support, Will takes on his next Adventure Project Impossible: King of the Mtns on the 23rd of June 2024.


500km. 20,800m Elev. 7 Days.

The Tassie 200

On the 22nd of February 2023, William Corlett attempted to run 200km, the length of Tasmania, in 24 hours.

With relentless support from his three red-P-Plate-wielding mates, they embarked on Project Impossible. From Launceston to Hobart, Will ran to raise $200,000 for Lifeline Australia.


Plus they filmed the whole thing. Project Impossible is now a short film touring as part of the 2024 RunNation Film Festival.


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