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The King of the Mtns is the longest continuous trail run through the Blue Mountains National Park. Climbing 2.3x the height of Mt Everest, over 505KM of single trail, fire trail, & sometimes no trail at all.

Run during the week following the Winter Solstice. The King of the Mtns tests the spirit of challengers. Through the coldest & darkest days, of the notoriously cold, dark, & windy Blue Mountains.

The King of the Mtns is a challenge. It calls those who seek adventure through suffering. It promises to test spirit against sandstone.  It asks who of the many, will walk the path of the few?

Race applications are open for 2025, register your interest below. Entries limited.


The route is set, The Mountains lay waiting. One question remains.

Who will be crowned King of the Mtns?


Who Will Be Crowned?

To be eligible for The Title, a runner must:

  • Record their progress with a GPS watch

  • Start the run in the week immediately following the Winter Solstice

  • Complete a FULL loop of the course starting & finishing at Echo Point

Whomever runs the King of the Mtns route in the fastest officially recorded time, will be crowned King of the Mtns.

It could be YOU. Your best mate, your mum, or even your weird cousin. 


On the 23rd of June 2024, 20 year old William Corlett will attempt to run

the King of the Mtns in 7 days.

Will's attempt follows his 200KM Run from Launceston to Hobart last February. Running to raise $200,000 for Lifeline Australia.
See how it went.

To be a part of the adventure, follow Will on Instagram.


2025 Applications
Now open 

Are you ready to conquer the peaks and claim your throne as the next King of the Mtns?


Race applications for 2025 are now open, beckoning daring adventurers to step forward and take the challenge. Do you have what it takes to ascend to the summit and seize the crown?


Limited entries are available, so don't hesitate to seize this opportunity to etch your name into history. Get in touch now to secure your place among the contenders and prepare to write your epic tale of triumph amongst the clouds.

You are an insane human. We will be in touch soon.

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